• - Comprehensive guide: Complete listing of Hindi film songs, from 1941 to present day and across almost 50 genres.
  • - Accurate and extensive credits: Find out not just the music director, lyricist and singers for each song but also assistants, arrangers, producers, recording engineers, studio, instrumentalists, etc.
  • - Artist bios: Read bios and find out more about your favorite artists. Check out their official Facebook pages, Twitter handles and websites. We post birthday, birth anniversary and death anniversary alerts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • - Advanced search: While the regular search lets you search for a song, album or artist, the advanced search feature lets you get song listings that match more than one criteria - singer, music director, lyricist, year range and genre.
  • - Trivia: Do you know the only song for which R.D. Burman wrote lyrics? Or, of the song in which Sonu Nigam sings in 54 voices?! We post the Trivia Of The Day on our Facebook page and on Twitter.
  • - Awards: Check out award-winning songs/albums.
  • - Reviews: Read reviews of other music lovers. Submit your own reviews. Also check out the reviews of critics and bloggers. Or submit links to external reviews.
  • - Musical attributes: A group of passionate music lovers has listened to every song listed on MySwar and tagged each song with up to 3 genres, mood and more.
  • - Similar song: For every song, a list of similar songs are shown based on genre and other musical attributes.
  • - Personalized recommendation: Get song recommendations based on your ratings.
  • - YouTube videos: Watch YouTube videos for songs when available.
  • - Buy: Buy songs from iTunes if available.

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